Word Trek – Android Game Review

This addictive free game has 1850 word puzzle levels that progressively become more challenging and a good brain game. You build the words from square grids of letters. The key difference being that you are searching for a much shorter list of words.

Word Trek

The mechanics of gameplay takes a little time to get used to but not to the point of frustration. Overall, Word Trek is a fun way to burn a little down time and exercise your powers of observation and spelling.

The primary menu for Word Trek is cool and holds options to play the game, share the game, login with Facebook or Google Play Game

Word Trek Pack Menu

Gameplay includes 1850 puzzle levels that are spread out across 99 chapters. Chapters are progressively unlocked and increase in difficulty. The puzzle layout begins with a 2×2 grid of letters in which only one word is hidden and works up to a 7×7 grid of letters where multiple words are hidden.

Word Trek 6x6 grid

Games are not timed and lack any limits on your attempts to find the correct word. To build a word, tap and hold on the first letter and swipe your way across the grid connecting letters to build the word. Movement can be up, down, forwards, backward and vertically. This movement requires a little time to get the hang of, in that you can swipe backward over letters in play or already used to get the letters you need. It is an unusual movement ability for a word game.

Word Trek Play

If a puzzle contains multiple hidden words, as you discover one word those letters are shaded and taken out of play. Should you find yourself at a loss on a puzzle, hints are available that reveal single letters on the first unsolved word. Word Trek affords you ten hints at the beginning of the game, with additional tips available through in-app purchase.

The game contains a quest challenge which is really funny and nice .
Word Trek Quest

You can play a daily puzzle challenge
Word Trek Daily Quest

The gaming experience with Word Trek is challenging. The difficulty rests with determining the movement restrictions and finding the correct word needed to solve the puzzle. Some puzzles hold letters that build additional words and finding the correct word can be a headscratcher. I would like to see a hint describing the word, in addition to the letter reveal hints.

It should be noted that there is another version of the game available in the Windows Store, Word Trek – A Word Puzzle Challenge from the same developer that has a similar design and support for desktop play. We were tipped to review this version, Word Trek – A Word Game, and seeing that it holds a place on the Store’s New and Rising list and is available on other mobile platforms we ran with it.

Overall, Word Trek presents a challenging difficulty level that tests your skills at observation and spelling. The graphics are not flashy, but then again flashy graphics are not always needed for a word puzzle game. I don’t think Word Trek can hold up to marathon gaming sessions, but for shorter gaming spurts it should do nicely.

This amazing game can be downloaded here :

Google Play .
Itunes .

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