How to install firmware and CCcam.cfg for SkyBox F3 F5, X3, X5,M5 ...

Skybox F5

Get an USB flash drive ( any size any make) and download the file mentioned ( F3 LatestUtubeUporne+SKYUK FEV.abs and save the file to your USB main root.

Turn On the SkyBox F5 or f3

1- Press menu and go to tools.
2- Upgrade file by USB
Upgrade mode: image file,
Upgrade file ( the file inside the USB) f5 or f5 **** .abs
keeping DBS and settings: NO ( Make sure is No )

3- Press ok on the start.

it will load the firmware and ask you to confirm before installing new firmware.
4- Press Ok and wait until is finished ( it will reboot and load the latest firmware with all UK channel + Favorited list.)


CCcam.cfg ( installing test line or sub line )

Now next lets connect to the internet to get the scrambled channels working ( gift )

I assume You have the CCcam.cfg saved on your USB if not get it from your dealer.

1- press menu and go to network local setting and open network setting
2- the Ethernet (wired cable) is green I guess so go to setup and make sure DHCP is ON then click apply. and EXIT ALL

3- go to menu then network local setting then Go to camds setup press OK then CCcam Client Setup Press OK then Update file by USB press Ok a new box will appear press Ok on the CCcam.cfg ( tick it) or add then Yellow for ( read ) then reboot and DONE..

4- again go to manage config file then CCcam.cfg and open it now you will ghave the line there if you are not connected it will say offline if its connected it will say online.