Q: What is cardsharing?

It is a system of sharing pay TV cards via the Internet: The idea is to provid PC with a lot of smartcard and share them. the customer must get a receiver compatible with the protocol cardsharing, for example (CCcam, mgcamd, Gbox …) as the family dreambox, ipbox, ITGATE, VU + DUO etc.

Q: What equipment should I buy to take advantage of cardsharing?

You need a cardsharing compatible receiver, an ADSL or mobile and an antenna pointed toward a satellite of your choice.

Q: Will you send me a card to insert into my receiver?

No, we will send you the files that will allow you to connect to our server: pre-configured CCcam.cfg cccam.prio.

Q: In case of trouble configuring my dreambox, what can i do?

We can connect remotely via software teamviewer and configure your dreambox for free.

Q: Is your server supports all protocols of cardsharing (CCcam, mgcamd, newcamd …)

No, our server supports only CCcam.

Q: Can I use your C-line over a receiver?

No, it is strictly forbidden to use a C-line over a receiver. (Could be banned from the server).

Q: What do the terms and CCcam.cfg CCcam.prio?

CCcam.cfg = CCcam config = (the file that contains the information needed to connect to our server
CCcam.prio = file is a priority that is used to accelerate the zapping and improve response time
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