Flash vu+ solo2

How to flash vu+ solo 2 with usb stick

ownload the vu+ Solo 2 image you want to install on your PC.

Unzip to a USB stick

Turn off the VU+ Solo 2 on the back

Insert the USB stick on the front of the Solo2

Turn on the VU+ Solo2

Follow the messages on the front display of the vu+ Solo 2.

Touch sensitive standby button to update ( purple color )

The Solo2 installs the image from the usb and reboot.


Flash vu+ solo or duo

How to USB flash the VU+ SOLO or VU+ DUO

1. On the USB stick create a folder and name it vuplus inside that folder create another folder and name it solo.

2. Download the USB version of a image and unrar. Now send the boot, kernel and root file to the solo folder.

3. Insert your USB stick in the front USB port. Then on th rear of your solo press the reset button.

When the VU Solo start the standby light will be RED. You should see the led light on your USB flashing. This shows the SOLO is reading the USB […]

Amiko Alien CCcam

Here we shall install the Emu’s including CCcam to amiko alien and spark family.

First thing to do is delete all your installed Emu plugins.
Click Menu -> Plugin and click the Green button to delete each one.
Now you will need to download the emu_plugin file
Once you have downloaded and unzipped the emu_plugin.zip
Place the folder ‘plugin’ onto a USB stick and insert the USB stick into the USB port on the rear of the receiver.
You will then see the following popup window, click Yes to install
Now open DCC, I still use version 2.80,
When setting up the Configuration use the following logon data:
Username: […]

How to flash vu+ ultimo

How to flash vu+ ultimo


– download image file (USB variant)

– unzip file

– format USB flash drive with fat or fat32

– create directory /vuplus/ultimo at flash drive

– copy the 4 files to directoy /vuplus/ultimo at flash drive

– shutdown VU+ STB

– disconnect all USB devices

– connect USB flash drive to VU+ STB

– power on VU+ STB

– press “-” button at front of VU+ STB

– wait for message “Finished remove USB”

– disconnect USB flash drive

– power off VU+ STB

On Screen Instructions will include press ch- on the vu+ ultimo [not remote] to initiate flash
This must be done within 10 seconds as i have found or it will […]

Update setting with dreamboxedit

DreamboxEdit Tutorial

Here is how to upgrade your Dreambox ( or vu+ ) with the latest up-to-date Bouquets, Using the App DreamboxEdit (Found In The Download Section), you will also find new setting ( for dual , single or motor installation ) .

Step 1 :- Open DreamboxEdit

Step 2 :- Now click Options Logo or (Tools > Options)

This section will appear, OK time to insert your Dreambox details (Only need to do this once).

IP of Dreambox :- Whatever your IP, Your Dreambox uses to access the Internet (Usually found in Network settings on Dreambox)

Username = root | Password = dreambox | These […]

DM 800 Flash Tutorial

How to flash your dm800 using ethernet cable and internet browser

N.B: Please be sure for your bootloader version ( you can get it from browser , in this expemple bootloader is #57)
N.B 2 : Dm800 hd and dm800 hd se don’t have the same image
N.B 3 : Image for original dreambox is not the same for clone one ( you can broke your box )

You will find in download section the best image for each bootloader

*You need the image file you want to flash. Image files have the extension *.nfi. You can’t flash other
images like *.img files. Don’t try it […]

Tuto DreamUp Dm800

Dm800 flash with Dream Up

Sometimes without notice Dreambox (500 or 800 hd) crashes and does not want to respond to the remote control, no solutions with Flashwizard then what?

The method use DreamUP program (available in download page)
since you just connect the dreambox com ports and PC connection cable, no need to know the IP addresses.

– PC with an RS232 port.

– A null modem cable DB9 (9-pin) that connects my dreambox to my PC.

– The image nabilo maxvar dm500 (also available in download page).

1 / I run DreamUP.exe , I chose my com port I click connect:

2 / Now I connect […]